Too much time in my comfy chair, with nothing much to show.
Fear and lack of confidence, too scared to have a go.
I hide beneath my patchwork quilt, and watch the world go by
with mindless banter-tainment, and beweep a braver life.

So begins my entry into the blogosphere. Whether it will prove to be a brave step, or a frustrating adventure, either way it is a step forward. I have been a chicken, though I suddenly wonder why chickens have such a bad rap. Never-the-less, by accepted comparison – a chicken I have been, afraid of the words, afraid of my voice, afraid of rejection, afraid of acceptance, and terrified of indifference.

It has finally dawned on me; it is not for me to judge whether I have anything interesting to say or contribute, that is all on the audience. The thoughts, feelings, impressions, opinions, all of those mental swirlings are just there, and I am tired of holding on to them and holding them in.

My goal is to move forward and write, and contribute new projects, but for posterity’s sake, and to share an embarrassed laugh, I politely warn that I will likely, eventually, bravely, post some of my ancient juvenile scribblings. You have my permission to constructively tell me it’s lousy, but just try to remember there’s a good chance I may have been 14 when I wrote it. I’ll try not to do it too much.

I enjoy writing in general; I love words. However, I tend to lean towards lyrical (rhyming) poetry. I think it is because I love music so much, and that is how my brain works. However, I will also contribute other styles of writing, because I must.

I will make mistakes, and welcome corrections because I believe in learning a new thing everyday. I ask, no – I require that comments to me or to others be constructive and respectful.

I celebrate today – 1/25/2017 – the day I stopped being a chicken.