I took a break this last weekend after neglecting my boyfriend, Doug, and playful pup, Duke – the Labrador, Friday night and recording my loose-leaf poems onto my computer. I could not find the electronic versions of them, which I thought I’d recorded before, so I started…

I have learned some things, valuable lessons, with this Scattered Notebooks project, and I would like to pass this experience on to you, my audience:

Lesson 1: If a writer wishes to maintain a timeline of his or her writing, just in case, than that writer must record the date of composition. Specifically, record the date within the document.

Lesson 2: When recording this date; a writer should not use the auto-date feature of his or her word processing application. The concept is sound, for each revision, the writer could get an accurate date of final draft. However, if the writer stores and then transfers the file from a failing computer to a new drive or computer, once that writer opens the file the date will change, and there may not be an accurate record. Note: you may be able to determine the last modification date using the file properties, but it is no guarantee.

Lesson 3: With Lesson One in mind, I am not convinced that recording the ‘revision date’ is nearly as important, or as interesting as recording the date of composition. This provides insight into when the inspiration struck.

Such is the first level of frustration with myself that I have discovered. I rarely dated what I wrote, or perhaps I dated the original, but in transferring the poem or ‘song’ to electronic format, neglected the information. Do not misunderstand, this is not a deterrent, it is more of a personal nuisance. I myself do not always remember what moment in my life caused or produced the words and ideas, and that irks me. However, I am reminded that this is no longer about me.

What does it say to you? That is the question.

L. Rose – 7:07 PM 1/30/2017 (okay, the time is not really necessary, but Microsoft Notepad tip: type F5 key to instantly post the time and date!)