An Anniversary of Sorts

One month ago today, I started this blog. My goal has been to exercise bravery in sharing old and new thoughts and feelings that I have recorded in my Scattered Notebooks. So far I have shared examples of my poetry collection, and even joined with Poets Corner. I am pleased with the responses I have received. My fellow bloggers have been very kind with Continue reading

Mid January Night

sweet end to a glorious day —
the car lights illuminate the ribbon road
countryside in silhouette, trees and homes
a full orange moon on the horizon
out there a grasp away
over my right shoulder
Orion stands like a guardian
my protector…
a friend by my side to share the splendor.


© L. Rose

I spent a great day with a friend back in the late 80s, early 90s – and began this in my head on the drive home; I finished it that night. I discovered in my notebooks that over the years, I’ve tried to “improve” upon it. Nope – this is the original. It’s one of my favorites. – L

As always, I welcome feedback and comments. – Thanks for reading!

The Notebook Disease

© Drawing by Linda Rose

It is official. I really do have a problem, and I’m coming clean.

I am addicted to notebooks.

My whole blog is based on this subject – all of the lovely notebooks I have scattered around and yet hung onto over the years. Yes! But even after spending weekends poring over the notebooks I had come across, and coming up with this idea, and again after coming across notebooks Continue reading

No Home For Me

There are many places I have lived,
and you would think that I would give up yearning,
but all the places I have been, and
all the wonders I have seen don’t work for me.

What I search for won’t be found,
no thing will turn my world around, I’m certain.
I sometimes wander in the black,
and wish for home as I pull back the curtains. Continue reading