How Did I Get Here?

How did I get here? It's not really clear. I was looking for something, and thought it'd be here. We were playing with orange-ball, which then ran amok. No, it's not too snug here, but I seem to be stuck. © L. Rose (2/28/17) I decided to take a break from politics for a moment and... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t Mean You Should #1

The very first entry in the new "Asides" page: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. On the news tonight - Self-driving Semi-Trucks - I rest my case. I mean, really? Okay, so maybe it's not new news exactly... but it's news to me. The following is a list of my gut reactions: 25 ton... Continue Reading →

An Anniversary of Sorts

One month ago today, I started this blog. My goal has been to exercise bravery in sharing old and new thoughts and feelings that I have recorded in my Scattered Notebooks. So far I have shared examples of my poetry collection, and even joined with Poets Corner. I am pleased with the responses I have... Continue Reading →

Mid January Night

sweet end to a glorious day -- the car lights illuminate the ribbon road countryside in silhouette, trees and homes a full orange moon on the horizon out there a grasp away over my right shoulder Orion stands like a guardian my protector... a friend by my side to share the splendor.   © L. Rose... Continue Reading →

A Job to Do

Dear Mama, how you doing? It’s kind of hectic here. I am doing a real good job, though why ain’t always clear. Mama don’t you worry; there's nothing that I lack. My platoon is the very best, and we've got each other's back. The funny things I miss? It’s gonna make you laugh. Like little brother’s... Continue Reading →

The Notebook Disease

It is official. I really do have a problem, and I'm coming clean. I am addicted to notebooks. My whole blog is based on this subject - all of the lovely notebooks I have scattered around and yet hung onto over the years. Yes! But even after spending weekends poring over the notebooks I had... Continue Reading →

No Home For Me

There are many places I have lived, and you would think that I would give up yearning, but all the places I have been, and all the wonders I have seen don't work for me. What I search for won't be found, no thing will turn my world around, I'm certain. I sometimes wander in... Continue Reading →

Hospital Visit

Blinded by white walls, and strong smells that conjure feelings of helplessness fear and of sorrow. Noises and bustle, and faces and hustle, all seen through a frosted glass I know are my eyes. Odd blues and the greens, and the whites, like an ocean, all swirl as they drown me as I walk on... Continue Reading →

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