I am your student.
I sit before you, staring.
You can’t tell if I am learning,
but I am.
My face may not show it, my eyes,
My grades may not even show it,
But I am learning,
Though maybe not what you prefer.

I am your teacher
I stand in front of you
and feel that I am talking
at you.
I know I reach some, a few,
But I want to reach you all.
I am here to help you
Though it is not what you prefer.

The Dream
I am your teacher.
Each day I show you something
that is new
I test you
I might question your abilities
I always have things to say
Pay attention
Listen and let me teach you

I am your student
I smell of chalk and ink
But there is room and desire
to grow up.
I may seem unreachable
But I am here and real
like you
Teach me, please, and I’ll teach you…

© L. Rose