What a strange, wonderful, and frightening experience this has been. It is strange because I am going through notebooks, folders and files of old works, and finding things I don’t really remember writing – only vague recollections, and the thought:

‘what the heck was going on when I wrote this?’

The experience has been wonderful because mixed in with some of the oh, so juvenile, sappy ramblings are some pieces of which I am rather proud:

For example: this was found in the journal mentioned in a previous blog, and would have been written before 1986

Thoughts by Me
On this afternoon I sit,
and dream of quiet stillness.
For in the quiet I can think
of all my dreams fulfillments.
I think of all I might become,
or of all I’d like to see,
but most of all I think of those words,
you and me.
At night when all are home
and noise is at its peak,
I like to find a place to sit
with just my thoughts and me.

I actually remember writing this, sort of – that is, I remember it coming quickly – that spark of inspiration – in fact, I am grateful for the journal because it is one of those poems that I believed I could improve on, and then proceeded to muck it up. Sometimes the original is the most honest.

The experience of fright has to do with that concept of bravery. I am determined to be brave, to share the things I find in my scattered notebooks without hesitation, without apology, and without modification (at least excepting punctuation), but some of the things I come across are personal to me, or to someone I know…and frankly, some of it is just weird, and I find myself hesitating and being afraid. I’ll get over it, that’s what this is all about, but it is unsettling.

Additionally and collectively strange and wonderful and frightening is the fact that I am now being followed! How cool is that? I send out thanks to the following people who have liked something I’ve written, and a special thank you to those who chose to follow me.

Kel – she is biased, she is the unofficial first, but may not count ’cause I asked her to check out my blog 😀
Rishav – who is officially the first unsolicited ‘like’ – thanks Rishav! –
Others: Litterateur, Robert Okaji, BeautyBeyondBones, ThomasGable, Sweta Ojha, Throughopenlens, and Jonathan Camac. Thank you!

I am doing this just this once because I have not officially made this site ‘known’ and it is a particularly uplifting feeling to have someone you’ve never met take a look at what you’ve done and offer encouragement. I’ll return the favor as I can. Hopefully I don’t disappoint!