I want to get up in the morning – and write undisturbed.

I want to sleep through the night, but when I cannot, to get up and write undisturbed until the thoughts in my brain grow weary themselves or stop, satisfied.

I want to write of people who could exist, do exist, in my mind. I want to write of places that could exist, or do exist, of situations that occur or that a reader could imagine occurring and therefore chill or smile at the idea.

I want to explore how people think, and what makes them do what they do, or react the way they react, including inaction. Fear, love, trust, sorrow, wickedness, depression, truth, happiness; these are the areas I wish to dissect.

I want to end the day knowing that I did everything I could to accomplish that which makes me truly happy, which includes writing, but also includes making proud or happy the man I love.

I care about my family, but they can care for themselves.

I care about my friends, but they can care for themselves.

I wish to write, and nothing more.

L. Rose – 2/15/2008

I found this in one of my notebooks, I’m not sure what frame of mind I was in at the time, but apparently it was a tad on the selfish side. I’ve recorded it here because, with the exception of the suggestion that ALL I want to do is write, family and friends be-durned – it’s still true. If I had my druthers, I’d be writing.