One month ago today, I started this blog. My goal has been to exercise bravery in sharing old and new thoughts and feelings that I have recorded in my Scattered Notebooks. So far I have shared examples of my poetry collection, and even joined with Poets Corner. I am pleased with the responses I have received. My fellow bloggers have been very kind with their likes, and occasional comments. I hope that those who have kindly opted to follow me do not regret the choice.

I will admit that I have only been slightly brave. My bravery so far has extended to the relative anonymity of the blogosphere, and I have not yet informed my family or other friends. – I guess I am still a tiny bit chicken, but I am working on it.

Topics, events, and conundrums are clamoring for my attention. However, I have found myself too close to, or too emotional about various subjects, to properly focus, organize, and record my thoughts. I will be working on finding the time and space I need to find my voice.

Some things perhaps for which to look forward, I have added a new menu option on my site that I am going to try out called Asides. One entry so far, but it is one I say frequently.

Additionally, I do not only write poetry and lyrics. Occasionally, I do dabble in story writing. However, nothing is finished. Interruptions of everyday life do affect the flow of inspiration, so there are starts and stops. A page will be added where the stories will go, with the hopes that I will be forced to complete them or build on them in some way.

Do not be timid to share your thoughts with me in the comment section, whether they are for my site as a whole, a page or a particular piece. I welcome the thoughts that will allow me to improve and grow with this experience.

Again, a humble thank you for the likes, the comments, and the follows, all of which have allowed me to go out and discover other amazing sites and realize, after all this time, that I am not the only person who wrote when she could not sleep to simmer a boiling mind.

I am still having a great time!

~ Linda

Opinions are always welcome! – Thank you for Reading!