as I sit in the dark and experience
a life
does it make me forget
that it is
not my own
do I feel surrounded and different
for the two hour show

is the woman I see the actress
or a woman
alive and vibrant
a friend
or fiend
do I forget that I am watching
on the big silver screen

is the man the embodiment
of hero
or evil personified
am I frightened
or inspired
do I think of your other roles
or how I’m feeling tired

in the black while I witness a scene
so lovely
does the score enhance or distract
do the costumes overwhelm or as they should
does my mind find distractions
before the film finds the end

as I sit in the dark and experience
this spectacle
will the crunching of popcorn or
the crinkle of endless wrappers irritate
as they do
will I forget I spent the equivalent of
a steak dinner for two

© L. Rose (2/26/2017)
Oscar Night

I don’t always get to see all of the movies nominated for the Oscars, especially these days, but I do love movies. I often think about what my criteria would be to win and tried to capture it here. I had a little fun with it, too.

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