I missed my opportunity when I put it off. I thought I had plenty of time. I went about my business, though it never left my mind. Now he’s gone and I’m left to cry. As is bound to happen when a tender moment's lost, I now must go my merry way. I wander through... Continue Reading →

Happy B-Day

"Good Morning Angels... Happy Birthday Kel! We have a new assignment bad guys on the loose" © L. Rose Happy Birthday! (Especially if it's yours) And if it's not, allow me this one, very important indulgence in wishing my friend a Happy Birthday with a little inside joke. ~ Linda    

Phantoms No More

You took the phantoms from my life locked 'em up and out of site with gentle hands, a simple kiss so I can get on with my life even the words you say to me helped cast the wraiths and set me free. © L. Rose As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank... Continue Reading →

Leaving Notion

I can feel it coming on, that leaving notion. The time sure feels just right for me to go. I just can't seem to shake this leaving notion. I can feel that lonesome calling down the road. The great green trees are like my long lost brothers. Satin highway stretches out my destiny. I'm at... Continue Reading →

Saturday R&R

I took a break Saturday, and spent some time with my two boys (Doug and Duke). We didn't do anything fancy - it was a cold, rainy day - but it was nice. I think I may have bugged some people with my last posting "The Adventures of Purple Turtle: Part I - that old... Continue Reading →

She’s Tired

The clock read five she grabbed her things and headed outside she hates to count the time down to the wire - but She's tired The timer rang and the door to the oven was slammed with a bang with a grunt of distaste she turned off the fire she's tired The clock struck nine... Continue Reading →

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