I’m poking a little fun at the nature of my job this evening.

Tonight is what my place of work calls “Monthly Reboots,” where the technicians I work with, and I, are all assigned a group of our various customers servers to which we apply updates, and then reboot. It’s not nearly as nerve wracking as the following suggests, we are all very good at what we do, but occassionally…

Sometime before Christmas last year, the person I sit next to at work was on the phone, and I heard her utter the phrase, “Oh holy crap.” I knew it wasn’t serious but, since it was Christmas time, it immediately conjured up what to me was the obvious tune. I mean no disrespect to the classic holiday song.

You want to read the following to the tune of “Oh Holy Night.”

Oh holy crap;
the server just rebooted.
It is the one
that controls all their stuff.
Long may they wait
’til they can use computers,
and we will hear it as they give us guff.
It is my hope
that we will be rejoicing;
unless it breaks,
we should be good by morn.

I’m on my knees,
and hearing angry voices.
Oh why,
oh why,
Oh why did I
apply that patch?
Oh why,
Oh why?
There goes my night.
There goes my night.

Parody of “Oh Holy Night”, by L. Rose (Dec. 2016)

I know it’s a bit out of season, but I sure hope it made you chuckle a little bit.

via Daily Prompt: Nervous