Ah, once again, there they go,
a slight roll of the eyes
and a recoil from something foul,
but we know, you and I.

Most I’ve met in daily life
react with mild disdain
to thoughts and ode’s to wildlife
and compositions of the brain.

What is it, I ask myself today
about this writing style,
this way that we cerebral pray
and laugh, and cry, and smile?

A painter’s masterpiece is framed
an author’s praised by peers,
but what makes a poet duck in shame,
and makes some critics sneer?

In just a smattering of words
an entire tale is told,
the plight of man, the humming-bird
a life of pain, the World – behold,

and what’s a song, but words to sound
with lyrics at the core?
Poetic phrase, such words profound
God, a poem paused a war.*

I’ve tried to share my treasure,
these words I love to weave,
this task which gives me pleasure
and sometimes helps me grieve,

so I set upon a lonely trail
to see where it might lead,
and tho’ there was a chance I’d fail
I had an endless driving need.

After all these years of hiding shy
what do you suppose I find?
Out there in the ethernet
are those who write in kind.

I’m not alone, I breathe a sigh
and feel like I’m in heaven.
I’ve found a strength, found a voice
I’m so glad that I made the choice
to once read “We Are Seven.”

© L. Rose (3/21/17)

Happy World Poetry Day! “We Are Seven” is a poem written by William Wordsworth, which I read when I was in college. Though I ultimately majored in English, my first semester was spent with a different goal. The poem was not assigned, it just happened to be in the anthology I was using for another assignment. I read it. I have always loved lyrics, but lyrics are lyrics, right? And for a little bit there, poetry was, well an assignment. After reading, “We Are Seven,” I sat up and took notice. I thought, huh, and then read it again. I found it such an approachable poem, simple, and yet profound. It would be lofty to say that reading the poem made me choose to major in English – it didn’t – but it was woven into the fabric of the me who said yes, when offered the opportunity to switch.

I will admit that I wrote this tonight, so take that as you will. I was reading up on this World Poetry Day thing, and thought, hey, wouldn’t it be fun, and in the proper spirit, to write a little quick something that honors the day and also honors that poem I love? Ha – okay, so choosing to write in a particular style is – in no way – easy. Poetry is not easy – you guys know that – but man, that was hard! The poem took on a life of its own.

Teaching moment: “We Are Seven” is written with the rhyming scheme ABAB – the first line rhymes with the third and the second with the fourth. At the end of the poem is an ABCCB scheme.

* “God, a poem paused a war.” – technically it was a poem put to music and it was Christmas – The Christmas Truce of 1914 Silent Night – Lyrics by Joseph Mohr 1816 (composed by Franz Gruber 1818) – so Christmas gets a little credit, too.

As always, thank you for your comments and feedback, and I hope this at least made you smile a little bit. Thanks for reading! ~ Linda