Here they go again,
packing up to leave.
Her daddy’s job was like that
[never asking me…]

They packed up all her clothes.
They packed her stuffed iguana,
but when they packed up Purple,
she really didn’t wanna.

She didn’t want to pack her friend
who only had one eye,
and big black splotches all around;
his head flopped to one side.

He always kept her company.
She never felt alone.
Her parents said she’d see him
when they reached their new home.

They packed up purple turtle
with the one big yellow eye,
and the floppy neck that kept his head
leaning to one side.

She wanted to be strong.
She wanted to be brave,
but she missed her turtle, Purple
and the comfort that he gave.

They went through many cities
and all across the land,
but she could not stop missing
her great big purple friend.

Moving was exciting
if still a little sad
to leave her home behind her
and not know what lay ahead…

To be continued…

© L. Rose

Remembering old, old, friends. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for reading! ~ Linda