Leaving Notion

I can feel it coming on, that leaving notion.
The time sure feels just right for me to go.
I just can’t seem to shake this leaving notion.
I can feel that lonesome calling down the road.

The great green trees are like my long lost brothers.
Satin highway stretches out my destiny.
I’m at peace here, among my long lost brothers,
so don’t cry for me, my dear, and set me free.

There’s a voice I sometimes hear,
and it whispers in my ear,
and tells me that it’s time to ramble on.
Yes, this voice I must obey,
for it tells me one fine day,
I will finally find a place where I belong.

Who knows, I may come back along this lonesome highway,
and have finally found a way to settle down.
Until then I must travel on this highway,
so you might pray for me that I don’t walk alone.

…I will finally rest, and finally belong.

© L. Rose (2/2002)

In my youth, my family moved about every two years. Those frequent moves left an indelible impression on me, so much so that, even when the moving stopped, the feeling to move did not. The last place we lived – the longest time I had ever spent in one place – I became aware of a strange, anxious feeling that would come over me every couple of years; it was a strange, personal discovery. Thank goodness it finally stopped. ~ Linda

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