I missed my opportunity
when I put it off.
I thought I had plenty of time.
I went about my business,
though it never left my mind.
Now he’s gone and I’m left to cry.

As is bound to happen
when a tender moment’s lost,
I now must go my merry way.
I wander through my daily grind,
fumbling for my smile,
while words just hammer in my brain.

If you don’t make decisions
life’ll make ‘em for you.
Sometimes it works out fine,
most-times you lose.
Ask the girl.
Spend the dime.
Say the words.
Spend the time.
Listen to that voice that tells you choose…

Mama caved in to a boy
she dated years ago,
a simple high school boy, a look, a smile.
They never married, I found out,
and many years have passed,
but I had a different daddy all the while.

I’ve known of him a while now,
but I just couldn’t go.
I just couldn’t make the drive.
How is it we can go through life,
and know just what to do,
and still not act while loved ones are alive.

What can I do but think of him
and go about my day,
and move to keep up with my life.
Some day I’ll see his face and then
I’ll take his hand in mine,
and tell him thank you for my life.

Ask the girl.
Spend the dime.
Say the words.
Take the drive…

© L. Rose (rev.3 07-15-04)

Reference: episode of CMT INSIDE FAME,
premiering on Saturday, Jan. 2003…*,  re: Wynonna (Judd)

Welcome to another example of inspiration run amok. Years ago I saw an episode of a show highlighting the Country Music singer, Wynonna Judd. What struck me about the show, was not so much the revelation about her biological father, but about her one comment: “If you don’t make decisions, life will make ’em for you.” The problem is, I don’t recall if that’s precisely something she said in the interview, or my interpretation of what was said. Never-the-less, it resonated with me. Normally, I don’t get into the lives of celebrities, any more than they do mine, and I hesitated to post this because – to some degree – it’s someone’s personal story, but I think everybody has that moment, or two, of inaction that can be reflected upon and regretted.

In case you’re curious about Wynonna Judd’s music:

Sample: “Girls with Guitars”
Performed by Wynonna Judd; Composed by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Sample: “Help Me”
Performed by Wynonna Judd; Composed by Joni Mitchell
Hope you enjoyed – as always, thank you for reading! ~ LindaNote: I tried to see if I could find a link to the actual episode, because it is the line “If you don’t make decisions, life will make them for you.” that I remember being said that struck a chord. All I could find was the following:
“Wynonna Opens…” – News Release

The following is the URL for CMT’s episode guide, the link to the ep. does not work – *site claims the episode actually aired on 7/2/03