No Fault but Mine…

Words do not always suddenly flow out and amazing things happen; it just doesn’t work that way. I am still enjoying myself immensely with this blogging experience. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, though, and find myself frustrated. I’ve been trying to figure out why, when there has been so much going on in the news – and in general – that I haven’t Continue reading

Follow Blindly

I do not follow blindly.
I do not always like,
and sometimes I don’t have the time
t’ give your words a proper think

but, no, that doesn’t mean that I
don’t admire what you do.
It is a simple case that I
just have too much to do.

© L. Rose

via Daily Prompt: Blindly

Having a little fun tonight with the daily prompt. As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback. Thanks for reading! ~ Linda