It seems that I have lost my friend.
I must find out where she’s gone.
My name is purple turtle,
and it’s no fun to be alone.

I found myself inside a box
with a lot of noise around,
and then I was lifted to a shelf
where I am sitting now.

“Little boy!” I called, though he did not hear.
“Little girl!” I tried again.
“Young man,” I whimpered pitifully.
“Can you help me find my friend?”

A boy grabbed hold and held me tight.
I heaved a great big sigh,
but his father put me back and said,
“no, he only has one eye.”

The boy pouted and walked away,
but not before he gave a wave.
I hoped and waited all day long
and tried hard to be brave.

The night was long and lonely,
and I waited for the day
when someone could free me from this place
and help me find my way.

Next morning a girl showed me to her mom
and this is what she said,
“I’m sorry dear, but not this time;
look his neck won’t support his head.”

It’s true, I sighed that night alone,
my head flops to one side.
I have big, black splotches all around
and one big yellow eye.

No one will take me away from here.
She doesn’t know where I am!
I have a place I’m s’posed to be.
I have to find my friend.

The next day I grew weary,
until a small hand brought me down
and cradled me quite softly
as he called out to his mom.

“What do you think?” he asked his mom,
holding me with such great care.
“He looks like he’s been loved,” she said,
and ruffled up his hair.

© L. Rose

This was supposed to be posted last night, but I’m still a little off-kilter.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Thanks for reading! ~ Linda