Easter Memories

We waited for the Easter Bunny
like we did for Santa Claus,
but he would bring the gift of spring
with his soft, little bunny paws.

We did the prep work hopefully,
thinking nothing of the chore,
like coloring pretty Easter eggs
and decorations for the door.

On Easter morn’ we’d rush downstairs
for what the bunny’d bring,
a stuffed animal, a toy perhaps,
little chocolates nestled in the green.

The toy might be a wood airplane
powered by a rubber-band,
sometimes a bottle rocket
that we had to pump by hand.

My favorites were the kite’s, though,
with the great big google eyes.
Though, once we made one all by hand
and lost it to the sky.

The candy was fun, with shiny wraps;
the chocolate bunny, I’d eat by bits,
but had most fun with robins eggs
which we would use to paint our lips.

I don’t remember dressing up
or silly hats upon my head,
but I do remember waking up
to hunt those Easter eggs

Though I’m all grown up, I still enjoy
the season and the fun.
The Bunny and I are in cahoots,
as we watch the rugrats hunt.

© L. Rose

Happy Spring and Happy Easter everyone! As always, thank you for reading! ~ Linda

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