The Eye Series: The Storm of the Eye

There’s a storm
that resides in her eyes –
swirling, blowing –
destroying inwardly
like the worst of Mother Nature.
For years the storm
has circled
It gains strength
and fiercely pounds away
at the foundation of her life.
Now and again, she gets the
strength she needs
to remove a brick
from her tower walls,
only to have to quickly rebuild,
as the storms once again increase.
For a time there were rains,
but slowly, painfully a drought
overtook her inner world.
Now only darkened eyes,
fierce thunder, lightning.
And an occasional rip-
roaring tornado – flash,
burst, and echo from her pained eyes  –

but as in life – fear not the storms themselves,
Fear the eyes.

Calm, cool…peaceful.

© L. Rose (1990s)

The Eyes Series – #2

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