No Cure for the Sorrow

Memorial Day - 2017 There’s no cure for the sorrow That war puts upon The family, the soldier The lover, the young Oh, I sing of the sad ones who wander around Without anyone knowing what’s pulling them down And I sing of the broken, and the fatherless child And I sing of the loved... Continue Reading →

Blend In

That's me there - in the hallway - hands in my pockets, I make myself small. My eyes to the floor, I weave my way class-ward trying to blend in to the walls Blend in to the wall, blend in to the wall. Do nothing. Say nothing, 'til I'm nothing at all. Blend in -... Continue Reading →


great sturgeon swims by; sitting on the rivers side, we watch in silence   © L. Rose

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?

I read everything. I used to joke (ha!) that I read toothpaste tubes - but secretly, it wasn't a joke - it was true. Growing up, while otherwise occupied, I would grab whatever was within my reach and read the label. I was fascinated with trying to work out the pronunciation of the fancy ingredients.... Continue Reading →

Plane Food

Out the window the World is a tiny place and All of the boundaries disappear Now we are above the clouds and As far as I can see It Looks like what heaven would be I have a taste and I know this can't be heaven so I close my eyes and Dream © L.... Continue Reading →


Check out this blog from Sauceboxsite: Source: Sockatory - It made me chuckle...and suddenly realize I need to do laundry...

Spring Break

heavy heart cluttered mind pain and confusion had to be left behind wandering soul took control of my feet so I ended up on one of yesterday's streets that part of the mind remembered again I was forgetting or pretending in vain it worked for a while this vacation of mine I so needed the... Continue Reading →

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