Dinner Dilemma

I like food. Who doesn't? However, I find food to be a means to an end. I do not feel that I need to have meat and potatoes every night (It's a mid-west thing). I would be happy with cereal in a pinch. I like cooking, but I find cooking for two irritating, especially when... Continue Reading →


Looking for a sunny day amidst the drops of rain. I know the sun shines brightly above the clouds of gray. So let it burn and break through, and woosh the clouds away, if only for a moment; give me just one day. It's not the rain I mind at all; it's the volume and... Continue Reading →

How I Spent June 17, ’17

This past weekend, Doug and I trekked up north to Bayfield, WI for a show. (When I say 'up north,' I mean Up.North. It is a five-plus hour drive one way). We went to see a band called "Riders in the Sky" at the Big Top Chautauqua, (a large circus tent at the bottom of... Continue Reading →

Life Sucks Sometimes

life sucks sometimes, and the music stops the flow slows and sludges like tar and blood pounds and throbs in the ear the eyes and ears search for - something something hopeful, something positive the eyes seek beauty - not physical - natural. the ears listen for soft, understanding, grace. the body tenses, the soul... Continue Reading →

The Eye Series: Something in the Eye

There’s something... there in her eyes. For a moment it flashes then fades. It’s sadness, a sorrow, -- a secret too deep to reveal. Her hands sometimes quiver; her mind often wanders, but only for an instant. And again, she smiles from behind her waxy mask, makes a little joke and, for a while, All... Continue Reading →

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