Book Review: “Dawn of Wonder”

Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw My rating: 5 of 5 stars From the moment I read the first two sentences of this book, I was engaged. With respect to the fantasy genre, what makes this story unique and noteworthy is the poetic style of Renshaw's writing. It is not lofty or flamboyant; it is... Continue Reading →


Scritch, scratch by faint candle light, deep and long into the night - a man sits down and begins to write - a new country is born. Scratch, splotch, by dim light's glow, the words, ideas, and the fanfare grows. On a page are scrawled a nations notes and an anthem's scored. Scritch, drip, by... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

I do not eat to lose weight. I'll start with that. So why do I eat - why do we eat - we humans? We eat because we must. Although there are examples of exceptions, the rule of thumb is that humans can live about three-weeks without food. Does that mean that I eat healthy?... Continue Reading →

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