Whale Watcher: The Nantucket Project

There once was a man from Nantucket
(wait for it…)
Who wanted to go to the sea
He meant to see whales
so he hoisted his sails
and toward the horizon went he

This man from Nantucket sailed boldly
with a watchful eye to the waves
he spotted for blows
yet, much to his woe
he saw nary a breach nor a tail

He sailed as the sun dropped behind him
and pointed his bow to the deep
on through the night
‘gainst the cold and the brine
he watched and waited to see

It happened that night in the moonlight
he heard more than saw past the sail
he heard a low spray
and saw in the wake
the barnacled humpback whale

It started with one whale who sailed close
he felt the boat nudged off to port
then from way deep down
the boat lifted out
and turned in the direction of home

This man from Nantucket was frightened
and he gripped the gunwale in dismay
but a whale breached beside him
in an effort to guide him
suggesting, Man you must be on your way.

© L. Rose

via Daily Prompt: Sail

When I tell my boyfriend, Doug, that I’ve written a new poem, it is not unusual for him to ask, “is it, ‘there once was a man from Nantucket’?” – I roll my eyes, of course, and chuckle, but it spurred a desire to do something about it. Somehow, this is what I came up with…fun.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda

4 thoughts on “Whale Watcher: The Nantucket Project

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  1. I agree with Jade about the whimsical feel and could easily see this evolving into a children’s book. The cadence is perfect and an artist could easily sketch pictures to enhance the stanzas.
    I suggest you take it to the next step, it’s really good, Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

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