Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening, #1)Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw

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From the moment I read the first two sentences of this book, I was engaged. With respect to the fantasy genre, what makes this story unique and noteworthy is the poetic style of Renshaw’s writing. It is not lofty or flamboyant; it is simple, approachable, and beautifully crafted, which is a quality not so common today. Jonathan Renshaw’s “Dawn of Wonder” is a well-crafted story of a boy who, through a series of remarkable experiences, becomes a student in a unique school. It is how Jonathan Renshaw writes what leads to that school, what occurs during school, and how the boy grows that makes the story stand strong.

The characters are not only likeable and interesting, they are well written and, importantly, well maintained. Each character acts, speaks, and lives consistently throughout the novel. With each experience, we watch the main character and the secondary characters grow, struggle and grow some more. The consistent theme centers around strength of character, friendship, love, and hope.

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