This subject has been on my mind especially lately. In order to teach in Wisconsin:

“Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 118.19, “any person seeking to teach in a public school, including a charter school, or in a school or institution operated by a county or the state shall first procure a license or permit” from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.”

General requirements for educator licensing in Wisconsin (unless otherwise specified under each license type):

  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree.

  • Completion of an approved educator preparation program, including meeting all applicable Wisconsin statutory requirements and testing requirements.

  • Satisfactory background checks result.” ~

All of the above are reasonable requirements, but the starting salary for an educator is not high, and in order to improve a teacher’s standings, more education and a higher degree is required, therefore increasing the teacher’s debt…


If you can read this post, or if you write your own posts, thank a teacher! ~ Linda