Six Months ago today, I started this blog. It’s been an interesting ride so far. I have had fun with some of my poems. I finally managed to get The Adventures of Purple Turtle (I-III) recorded and finished (for now). That poem started several years ago when I learned the truth about what “lost in the move,” actually meant. It was my way of dealing with it, and I don’t think I’m done. I wrote a limerick as a pet project, and it turned out pretty well, it was certainly received well. The comments were supportive.

On the personal front, my little boy, Duke, reached one year old. He still fetches like a maniac, and still eats paper – weirdo – but he’s great. My family is slowly trickling into the know (about the blog). It’s distinctly possible that my mom is reading all of my blogs tonight. 🙂 For a little while I had to take a break from blogging, and I am definitely not blogging daily as I did at first, though I’d like to get back to that. If I could get paid to read and write, I would be a happy camper.

I still plan to write more fiction, but as I have mentioned in the past, finding the time and often the place to write properly is not that easy to do.

On the bravery front, it’s a mix. A while back, I was nominated by Kiwinana for a blog award (One Lovely Blog?), which was really sweet, but I chickened out and didn’t accept it. I feel bad about that, but I haven’t made up my mind about the award system…that’s just me. Kiwinana is a nice lady, with a nice blog, and a great smile. I have been a little braver, but I am still conscious of self-censoring. It is tough doing certain topics justice when you have little time to properly research and work on something worth publishing.

My fellow bloggers are still kind and supportive, and I send out a thank you to the likers and a thumbs up and a hearty thank you to the commenters. You never cease to make me smile when I most need it.

I’m still having a great time.

Happy blogging, and thanks for reading! ~ Linda