How I would Explain a Desire for a Career Change

Life has a way of getting in the way of good things.

Life took me down a road I never meant to travel. I saw some lovely things; I saw some ugly things, and each time I tried to turn the wheel to steer off that road, the wheels would catch and stutter and shutter and the rut would drag me back in and, weary of the fight, I’d give in and follow a little bit further.

The car is stuck in a rut. It’s the wrong, long road. The ride is getting ever bumpier, and the road is getting worse.

Another bump, and now my tire’s blown.

I am getting out and walking in another direction.

© L. Rose

The Bottom Line

IMG_0606 (2)

Eyes only on the bottom-line
we seek to build, but not refine
for profit’s sake, we play with lives
with silicon brains, traces, and wires

we’ve lost the art of doing well
for dollars do we deal with hell
tomorrows children will forever pay
for the choices that we make today

© L. Rose (2/27/17)

Originally written in response to self-driving cars, I am now thinking about Net Neutrality and the pending Sinclair and Tribune merger (MB Docket 17-179). Net Neutrality is a good thing for consumers – Getting rid of it, or changing it is a good thing for profit mongers. The Sinclair deal going through would allow the company an unfair monopoly over broadcast networks and give their agenda a majority exposure to U.S. Homes.

To learn more oppose the Sinclair/Tribune merger
Sinclair and Tribune, MB Docket 17-179 – locate and click on + Express link

To learn more about Net Neturality
from the FCC’s perspective (read carefully, and read between the lines – you’ve got to do your homework on this)

Goodman Park

© photo by Linda Rose

Last weekend, I spent a great day with my little brother, who was visiting from CA, and our mom, as we traipsed around one of the several waterfalls Wisconsin has to offer. It was quite a beautiful park, and I am embarrassed to admit that it is practically in my own back yard, and I had never been. Well, now I’ve been, and I will definitely go again.

We drove up after a visit to Brubaker’s Country Store in Oconto, WI for one of their home made sandwiches, and some snacks. Once there, we paid the tiny entrance fee and sat down for a tasty picnic. It was nice catching up on things with my brother.

Afterward, we took a decent walk over “Strong Falls” of the upper Peshtigo river and beyond using the arched bridge. It was not a long walk since we had to make it back and then home for dinner.

I just uploaded the photos tonight and found this one – then wrote the little snippet. Since I have had a long break, I thought I’d share it and my little adventure.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda

Goodman Park – one of several County Parks and Campgrounds in Marinette County – the Waterfalls Capital of Wisconsin.

Brubaker’s Country Store – Specialty Grocery Store