Last weekend, I spent a great day with my little brother, who was visiting from CA, and our mom, as we traipsed around one of the several waterfalls Wisconsin has to offer. It was quite a beautiful park, and I am embarrassed to admit that it is practically in my own back yard, and I had never been. Well, now I’ve been, and I will definitely go again.

We drove up after a visit to Brubaker’s Country Store in Oconto, WI for one of their home made sandwiches, and some snacks. Once there, we paid the tiny entrance fee and sat down for a tasty picnic. It was nice catching up on things with my brother.

Afterward, we took a decent walk over “Strong Falls” of the upper Peshtigo river and beyond using the arched bridge. It was not a long walk since we had to make it back and then home for dinner.

I just uploaded the photos tonight and found this one – then wrote the little snippet. Since I have had a long break, I thought I’d share it and my little adventure.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda

Goodman Park – one of several County Parks and Campgrounds in Marinette County – the Waterfalls Capital of Wisconsin.

Brubaker’s Country Store – Specialty Grocery Store