We Fail the Children

We fail the children

Every time,
we fail the children.
We fail them with arrogance.
We fail them with indifference.
We fail them with selfishness.
We fail them with hypocrisy.
We fail them in action.
We fail them with inaction.
We fail them.
We fail them all.
With lack of forethought,
With a lacking of memory,
With severe underestimation,
We fail them, every time.

©L. Rose

There was another school shooting in Kentucky today, and once again it is not trending. There is one confirmed death and at least five wounded. The shooting occurred this morning at Benton, KY at Marshall County High School. It is the second school shooting in two days.

I don’t know the solution to this issue, but a dialog must be opened and interested parties must come together to actively address the rising gun violence in the U.S. ~ Linda

*update 1:53 PM CST – as of now, 2 confirmed deaths and 19 injured…

Thanks for reading… ~Linda

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