A quick note to let you guys know that I am saying goodbye to the Facebook page I created for ScatteredNotebooks.com, and here’s why:

You may not be aware of this, but when a person or business sets up a Facebook page, any page, the administrator of that page is then flooded with prompts to boost posts to gain or improve their audience. These “boosts” cost money. For a business who is selling a product and gaining revenue from the increased exposure, that is likely an acceptable exchange; however, for a blogger who offers their mental musings for free, there is no revenue – so pay to promote is rediculous.

Additionally, the exposure that the boosts provide is a one time thing. The users only see what has been promoted through boosts. Once a user likes something you have posted (via boost), that’s it. The user never sees a post from the blogger again, until the blogger boosts again. No biggie, but kind of annoying.

So, when you come across something you enjoy online of an artistic nature, or that is otherwise offered to you for free, take a closer look at the page and decide if you want that content. If you do, don’t just like the page or the item, sign up to receive the content you enjoyed.

I have been suspecting this for some time, and I am not mad. I just gotten sick of the incessant prompts. The page was an experiment and it failed. Sad thing is, the whole 8 people who liked me on my page, including my mother, will never see this. Sorry guys!

While looking into this, I found the gist of the answer here:

This will be the first of several changes in the new year. I am thinking about re-designing my site. I am dealing with some other sh…stuff right now, so I apologize for my rather lengthy absence lately. I’ll be back.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda