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Linda is a graduate of Salem State College in Salem MA. With a B.A. in English and a minor in Psych, Linda stepped away from college with plans to go back to school to get her teaching degree. In her post college life, she was a Pizza delivery driver and an AV tech at a popular Hotel in Sacramento. When she moved to Wisconsin, she worked as a data entry clerk and a receptionist, then started her return journey toward teaching by taking credits toward a teaching degree at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI. She came close, but life got in the way and she had to set that plan aside. She spent the next ten years satisfying a part of her dream by working as a computer and network instructor. When the economy dropped out, she naturally migrated to the role for which she was training her students: A Network Admin/Technician. She did spend a brief and thoroughly enjoyable time working as a tutor and adjunct instructor at a popular college, teaching both Computer and beginning English classes.

She has put the IT role behind her in pursuit of a life that allows for her creative side to see daylight, which starts by writing this blog on the side. Recently, she had a great experience working as a cook at a local restaurant in Coleman, WI.

Now, she is working for a local boat dealership in the Service and Parts department. Let’s face it, life should be fun. It took her a long time to figure that out.

A little bit more…

She loves music and has eclectic tastes. She, of course, tends to pay close attention to lyrics.
She tends to be a little verbose; She’s working on that.
Former Navy Brat – Go Navy!
She enjoys TV when it is written well… eh-hem.
She enjoys movies, but miss when they did special effects with models and string…
She reads – a bit obsessively – and she’s okay with that.
Self proclaimed dork.

She has a dog and a Doug.

She tends to write more in her head than on her blog…

If you’re here because you’ve liked something you saw or read, cool! Go back and leave a comment. If you’re here because you’re curious about me, also cool! – Drop me a note below. Let me know what you think. I am always looking for feedback. ~ Linda

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      1. Well, you probably don’t want me to get started on those “most” people. I always like to check out a person’s About Statement. It is a great way to get a snapshot of someone. I really love your writing and look forward to read more!!

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