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© Red Rose by Linda Rose
© Photo by Linda Rose

I am a graduate of Salem State College, in Salem MA, with a B.A. in English and a minor in Psychology. I took classes towards a teaching degree at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI. I spent the next ten years as a computer and network trainer. When the economy dropped out from under us, I naturally migrated into the role for which I was training my students, a Network Admin/Technician. I did spend a brief and thoroughly enjoyable time working as a tutor and adjunct instructor at a popular college, teaching both Computer and beginning English classes.

I am putting the IT role behind me in pursuit of a life that allows for my creative side to see daylight, which starts by writing this blog on the side.

My new role, until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up, is as a cook at a restaurant in Coleman, WI. I’m having fun again.

I believe in constructive criticism, and welcome it. I don’t expect or believe that all I write or have written is exceptional – that’s kind of the point – writing is a process. Drop me a note!

A little bit more…
I love music and have eclectic tastes. I, of course, tend to pay close attention to lyrics.
I tend to be a little verbose; I’m working on that.
Former Navy Brat – Go Navy!
I enjoy TV when it is written well… eh-hem.
I enjoy movies, but miss when they did special effects with models and string…
I read…a bit obsessively – and I’m okay with that.
Self proclaimed dork.

~ Linda Rose


If you’re here because you’ve liked something you saw or read, cool! – Let me know! Go back and leave a comment. If you’re here because you’re curious about me, also cool! – Drop me a note below. Let me know what you think. I am always looking for feedback. ~ Linda

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      1. Well, you probably don’t want me to get started on those “most” people. I always like to check out a person’s About Statement. It is a great way to get a snapshot of someone. I really love your writing and look forward to read more!!

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