8 Reasons Why Women, and Men, Do Not Come Forward Sooner… For Those Who Want To Understand

Reasons why:

  1. Fear of disbelief.
  2. Fear of belief and…distance.
  3. Fear of action.
  4. Fear of inaction.
  5. Fear you were in the wrong.
  6. Fear.
  7. “That’s just the way it is.”
  8. “Boys will be boys.”

    #ThatsNotTheWayItShouldBe, #BoysWillNotBeBoys, #BoysWillBeMen, #SpeakingFromExprience, #SickofSilence, #SickofExcuses

Thanks for reading. ~ Linda

The Verdict is In…

This is a re-post. I wrote the following, the night of the Trump Inauguration, and I was not feeling too well about the future. That feeling has not gone away, and in fact, it is just getting worse. “Stand up and stick up for each other…”

Inauguration 2017

An overwhelming sense of foreboding
that only time will tell;
Will we be sucked into darkness
and follow the hordes to hell?

Or will we, with vigilance and conscience,
look around us with far seeing eyes?
Will we walk with heads raised and ears listening,
and filter the truth from the lies?

Will we brook no abuse or mistreatment,
find our voice and speak out where we should?
Will we stand up and stick up for each other,
and become our own change for the good?

If we tuck hands in pockets and lay our heads low,
we have only ourselves to blame.
Though the die is cast and settled,
doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game.

© L. Rose (Jan. 20, 2017)

“…If you prick us, do we not bleed..?”*

I am sick to death of violence of any kind, but I am shaking with frustration and, yes, rage at the violence that is bursting forth from people, from groups, who seem to forget, or more likely don’t care that we are all flesh and blood, sharing this fragile earth.

The title of this article is from Shakespeare’s, “The Merchant of Venice,” and it is not lost on me that the subject matter of one of the most compelling reasonings for tolerance, has an underlying basis in the idea for revenge when the character Shylock said,

“…He hath disgraced me, and hind’red me half a million, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies—and what’s his reason? I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? —fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die..?” ~ Shakespeare*

The point of Shylock’s speech is to explain why he would want a pound of flesh in payment if the character, Antonio, cannot meet the amount of a loan on its due date. Though Shylock is not a perfect person, there is exposition earlier in the play which indicates previous wrongs. Why must people do this? Why are people who are different, treated with undeserved disdain? Then, how is it that we are markedly shocked when those same ill-treated people get upset?

Somehow, the idea lingers that getting punched deserves a punch, it does not. The idea continues that my beliefs must match your beliefs, and it is just not true. The idea persists that a different skin pigment means wrong, it does not.

Whether it is the eye-for-an-eye mentality, the you-believe-something-different-than-I stance, or the your-skin-and-look-are-different-and-therefore-wrong mentality, they are all human devices to make people feel better about themselves at the expense of others. To then escalate that fabricated crap into any kind of violence makes us all something less than animals, something worse.

What is the point of driving a car into a crowd full of people? That’s not an act of terror, it is an act of cowardice. Using the seeming anonymous safety of a massive crowd to incite a violent incident is cowardly. With a supposed leader who cannot find better words than “very,” and oh, yes, “very, very.” To express himself, I have little hope that the current administration is willing, let alone able, to provide our angry country the moral compass it now seems to so desperately need.

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Heather Heyer, the young woman killed in Charlottesville, and also most recently my condolences to Barcelona, Spain. To those who are standing up and sticking up for each other, I applaud you. We must not let the shadows from shameful torches grow. Celebrate this massive salad that is humanity, all the different elements joining together. Embrace the differences that make life so interesting and diverse.

~ Linda

* Shakespeare, William, and Kenneth Myrick. “Act III., Scene I.” The Merchant of Venice, Signet Classic, 1965, p. 87.

How I would Explain a Desire for a Career Change

Life has a way of getting in the way of good things.

Life took me down a road I never meant to travel. I saw some lovely things; I saw some ugly things, and each time I tried to turn the wheel to steer off that road, the wheels would catch and stutter and shutter and the rut would drag me back in and, weary of the fight, I’d give in and follow a little bit further.

The car is stuck in a rut. It’s the wrong, long road. The ride is getting ever bumpier, and the road is getting worse.

Another bump, and now my tire’s blown.

I am getting out and walking in another direction.

© L. Rose

The Bottom Line

IMG_0606 (2)

Eyes only on the bottom-line
we seek to build, but not refine
for profit’s sake, we play with lives
with silicon brains, traces, and wires

we’ve lost the art of doing well
for dollars do we deal with hell
tomorrows children will forever pay
for the choices that we make today

© L. Rose (2/27/17)

Originally written in response to self-driving cars, I am now thinking about Net Neutrality and the pending Sinclair and Tribune merger (MB Docket 17-179). Net Neutrality is a good thing for consumers – Getting rid of it, or changing it is a good thing for profit mongers. The Sinclair deal going through would allow the company an unfair monopoly over broadcast networks and give their agenda a majority exposure to U.S. Homes.

To learn more oppose the Sinclair/Tribune merger
Sinclair and Tribune, MB Docket 17-179 – locate and click on + Express link

To learn more about Net Neturality
from the FCC’s perspective (read carefully, and read between the lines – you’ve got to do your homework on this)

Goodman Park

© photo by Linda Rose

Last weekend, I spent a great day with my little brother, who was visiting from CA, and our mom, as we traipsed around one of the several waterfalls Wisconsin has to offer. It was quite a beautiful park, and I am embarrassed to admit that it is practically in my own back yard, and I had never been. Well, now I’ve been, and I will definitely go again.

We drove up after a visit to Brubaker’s Country Store in Oconto, WI for one of their home made sandwiches, and some snacks. Once there, we paid the tiny entrance fee and sat down for a tasty picnic. It was nice catching up on things with my brother.

Afterward, we took a decent walk over “Strong Falls” of the upper Peshtigo river and beyond using the arched bridge. It was not a long walk since we had to make it back and then home for dinner.

I just uploaded the photos tonight and found this one – then wrote the little snippet. Since I have had a long break, I thought I’d share it and my little adventure.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda

Goodman Park – one of several County Parks and Campgrounds in Marinette County – the Waterfalls Capital of Wisconsin.

Brubaker’s Country Store – Specialty Grocery Store

Another Aniversary of Sorts

Six Months ago today, I started this blog. It’s been an interesting ride so far. I have had fun with some of my poems. I finally managed to get The Adventures of Purple Turtle (I-III) recorded and finished (for now). That poem started several years ago when I learned the truth about what “lost in the move,” actually meant. It was my way of dealing with it, and I don’t think I’m done. I wrote a limerick as a pet project, and it turned out pretty well, it was certainly received well. The comments were supportive.

On the personal front, my little boy, Duke, reached one year old. He still fetches like a maniac, and still eats paper – weirdo – but he’s great. My family is slowly trickling into the know (about the blog). It’s distinctly possible that my mom is reading all of my blogs tonight. 🙂 For a little while I had to take a break from blogging, and I am definitely not blogging daily as I did at first, though I’d like to get back to that. If I could get paid to read and write, I would be a happy camper.

I still plan to write more fiction, but as I have mentioned in the past, finding the time and often the place to write properly is not that easy to do.

On the bravery front, it’s a mix. A while back, I was nominated by Kiwinana for a blog award (One Lovely Blog?), which was really sweet, but I chickened out and didn’t accept it. I feel bad about that, but I haven’t made up my mind about the award system…that’s just me. Kiwinana is a nice lady, with a nice blog, and a great smile. I have been a little braver, but I am still conscious of self-censoring. It is tough doing certain topics justice when you have little time to properly research and work on something worth publishing.

My fellow bloggers are still kind and supportive, and I send out a thank you to the likers and a thumbs up and a hearty thank you to the commenters. You never cease to make me smile when I most need it.

I’m still having a great time.

Happy blogging, and thanks for reading! ~ Linda

The Requirements to Teach and the Compensation to Teach are Off Kilter

This subject has been on my mind especially lately. In order to teach in Wisconsin:

“Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 118.19, “any person seeking to teach in a public school, including a charter school, or in a school or institution operated by a county or the state shall first procure a license or permit” from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.”

General requirements for educator licensing in Wisconsin (unless otherwise specified under each license type):

  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree.

  • Completion of an approved educator preparation program, including meeting all applicable Wisconsin statutory requirements and testing requirements.

  • Satisfactory background checks result.” ~ https://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/licensing

All of the above are reasonable requirements, but the starting salary for an educator is not high, and in order to improve a teacher’s standings, more education and a higher degree is required, therefore increasing the teacher’s debt…


If you can read this post, or if you write your own posts, thank a teacher! ~ Linda