The Eye Series: Something in the Eye

There’s something... there in her eyes. For a moment it flashes then fades. It’s sadness, a sorrow, -- a secret too deep to reveal. Her hands sometimes quiver; her mind often wanders, but only for an instant. And again, she smiles from behind her waxy mask, makes a little joke and, for a while, All... Continue Reading →

The Eye Series: The Storm of the Eye

There’s a storm that resides in her eyes - swirling, blowing - destroying inwardly like the worst of Mother Nature. For years the storm has circled within. It gains strength and fiercely pounds away at the foundation of her life. Now and again, she gets the strength she needs to remove a brick from her... Continue Reading →

The Eyes Series: Deception

Deep, deep in his dark, bright eyes sits the ice and snowy death of his past. The deeds he’d done the wrongs he’d spread like a plague to the innocent. The knowing haunts him, like the nightmares he caused, and he wishes they’d go away. The monster within swirls and dances, unknown, unrecognized, when he... Continue Reading →

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