The Final Goodbye

I wrote this poem a long time ago; when I found and read it today, it took on a whole new meaning with respect to recent events. ~ Linda


I am not afraid of him. I am afraid of his actions. I am afraid of his mind, his intentions. I am afraid of what I see lacking: Integrity, Humility, Civility, Humanity... I am afraid of his hands, where they’ve been, what they have done.

The Verdict is In…

Will we brook no abuse or mistreatment, find our voice and speak out where we should? Will we stand up and stick up for each other, and become our own change for the good?

The Bottom Line

Eyes only on the bottom-line we seek to build, but not refine for profit’s sake, we play with lives with silicon brains, traces, and wires we’ve lost the art of doing well for dollars do we deal with hell tomorrows children will forever pay for the choices that we make today © L. Rose (2/27/17)... Continue Reading →

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