Easter Memories

We waited for the Easter Bunny like we did for Santa Claus, but he would bring the gift of spring with his soft, little bunny paws. We did the prep work hopefully, thinking nothing of the chore, like coloring pretty Easter eggs and decorations for the door. On Easter morn' we'd rush downstairs for what... Continue Reading →

Follow Blindly

I do not follow blindly. I do not always like, and sometimes I don't have the time t' give your words a proper think but, no, that doesn't mean that I don't admire what you do. It is a simple case that I just have too much to do. © L. Rose via Daily Prompt:... Continue Reading →


I missed my opportunity when I put it off. I thought I had plenty of time. I went about my business, though it never left my mind. Now he’s gone and I’m left to cry. As is bound to happen when a tender moment's lost, I now must go my merry way. I wander through... Continue Reading →

Leaving Notion

I can feel it coming on, that leaving notion. The time sure feels just right for me to go. I just can't seem to shake this leaving notion. I can feel that lonesome calling down the road. The great green trees are like my long lost brothers. Satin highway stretches out my destiny. I'm at... Continue Reading →

She’s Tired

The clock read five she grabbed her things and headed outside she hates to count the time down to the wire - but She's tired The timer rang and the door to the oven was slammed with a bang with a grunt of distaste she turned off the fire she's tired The clock struck nine... Continue Reading →

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