Goodman Park

© photo by Linda Rose

Last weekend, I spent a great day with my little brother, who was visiting from CA, and our mom, as we traipsed around one of the several waterfalls Wisconsin has to offer. It was quite a beautiful park, and I am embarrassed to admit that it is practically in my own back yard, and I had never been. Well, now I’ve been, and I will definitely go again.

We drove up after a visit to Brubaker’s Country Store in Oconto, WI for one of their home made sandwiches, and some snacks. Once there, we paid the tiny entrance fee and sat down for a tasty picnic. It was nice catching up on things with my brother.

Afterward, we took a decent walk over “Strong Falls” of the upper Peshtigo river and beyond using the arched bridge. It was not a long walk since we had to make it back and then home for dinner.

I just uploaded the photos tonight and found this one – then wrote the little snippet. Since I have had a long break, I thought I’d share it and my little adventure.

Thanks for reading! ~ Linda

Goodman Park – one of several County Parks and Campgrounds in Marinette County – the Waterfalls Capital of Wisconsin.

Brubaker’s Country Store – Specialty Grocery Store

Cody Boy: A Story in Progress

backyard-2010 by Doug Hahn
© Photo by Doug Hahn

The word was ominous. Cody had been struggling to find the right word as he stood in the backyard looking into the woods behind his family’s new house. The wood was a collection of colors and shadows. On the edge, light mixed in with the sharp greens and varying shades of muted browns, but looking deeper, deeper was the gray and the black. He zipped Continue reading