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Songs (Lyrical Poems)

Some Old Song
(or Linda’s Blues)

Have you ever gone to sleep at night
with a song stuck in your head?
You dream your dreams, you toss and turn,
soft and cradled in your bed –
,,,,,,,,,,while that song drones on,
,,,0,,,,,and the morning finds you dead.
Have you ever met the morning
with a song stuck in your head?

Have you ever heard a phrase and
started humming an old tune?
‘Cause the tune reminded you
of some old lyrics that you knew?
,,,,,,,,,,And you hum that song right up until
,,,,,,,,,,you find it’s time for bed.
Have you ever gone to sleep
with an old song stuck in your head?

Have you ever thought of something
you believe could make a song?
Those lyrics come to you
as if they’d been there all along,
,,,,,,,,,,and you write it all down
,,,,,,,,,,and turn out the lights to sleep.
Have you ever tried to sleep
with some dumb song stuck in your head?

L. Rose (date unknown – posted 1/30/17)

Comfy Chair

Too much time in my comfy chair, with nothing much to show.
Fear and lack of confidence, too scared to have a go.
I hide beneath my patchwork quilt, and watch the world go by
with mindless banter-tainment, and beweep a braver life.

L. Rose ~ January 25, 2017

Inauguration 2017

An overwhelming sense of foreboding
that only time will tell;
Will we be sucked into darkness
and follow the hordes to hell,

or will we, with vigilance and conscience,
look around us with far seeing eyes?
Will we walk with heads raised, ears listening
and filter the truth from the lies?

Will we brook no abuse or mistreatment,
find our voice and speak out where we should?
Will we stand up and stick up for each other,
and become our own change for the good?

If we tuck hands in pockets and lay our heads low,
we have only ourselves to blame.
Though the die is cast and settled,
doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game.

L. Rose ~ January 20, 2017

Once Upon…

Like tiny bits of feather
From a soft ol’ downy pillow,
Fell the flakes that kissed my tongue
as I looked up at all the snow.

I sadly thought of past years
From my childhood on the road,
And wonder what then happened
to that child of long ago.

The cities all grew blurry,
Sometimes the snow was rain
And Christmas trees of palm fronds
Really never felt the same.

But every now and then again,
my family’d find the glow
That fluorescent shine ‘round Christmas time
Of freshly fallen snow.

The memory of the “Once upon…”
a time when we all laughed
Bring warming tears to smiling eyes
That had frowned upon the past.

We rallied round a snowman
that became a 10 foot bear
We built a life size igloo
and had spaghetti-os in there

We snow surfed down our backyard hill,
our Grandma whitewashed brother
Sis made angels in the snow
as she’d learned from our mother.

We skated in our winter shoes
on an old park pond, and fell
While hot cocoa waited home for us…
But I guess it’s just as well.

Those days are gone; we’ve all grown up
and gone our varied ways.
But it doesn’t mean that I can’t smile
And remember long past days.

L. Rose (date unkown – posted 2/2/2017)
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