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Welcome to Scattered Notebooks. Named for the literal collection of notebooks that I have laying about the house, the shed, the garage, and apparently other lost locations since, even with the ridiculous number of partly filled and slightly mangled notebooks that I keep stumbling upon, I know I am missing some.

This all started with a cleaning…ugh, not a chore I am fond of, but it had to be done. Some mysterious totes and boxes of lost things that needed to be gone through, compiled and hopefully discarded or repurposed and, low and behold – notebooks! The cleaning stopped, and the perusing began. Amidst the old work related notes, there were snippets; in another there were some interesting and forgotten blurbs, I must say. I thought to myself for the – well, the last time, ‘What should I do with this stuff?’

Here I am. After hemming and hawing, and biting my nails and asking, ‘Should I? Could I? Dare I? I started looking, and checking out other blogs. I stopped, because I felt I began over thinking and worrying. I’ve spent my life worrying. No more of that.

So here it is, an eventual collection of my Scattered Notebooks.


Always interested in your opinion

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